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As runners, most of us never cross train. But over the past 4 years, I’ve been active in both road & trail running but also focusing on competitive track & field. To work different muscles and minimizing any form of injury, I’m strengthening my core with boot camp exercises, P90X, and added cycling to my regimen. I’ve also sought the wisdom of a semi-elite cyclist, Stanley T, and two Ironman, Bill K and Tom Y. They have given me invaluable advice on equipment, apparel, and cycling basics in addition to loaning the equipment to get started. Swimming is next.

Being a complete newbie in cycling and coming from a strictly running background, I wanted to encourage runners to add cycling (and swimming) to their cross training regimen for improved cardiovascular, reducing muscle imbalances, strengthening your core, minimizing injuries, all-around health & fitness, and enjoying the outdoors even more!

In this new section, we will cover the basics you need to get started – cycling apparel and essential gear/equipment. I had to asked cyclists about equipment, read books and magazines, and learned how to change tires and tubes from the get go!  I hope to share some of my experiences with you so you don’t have to go through what I did – I am not a handy person. Early next year (2015), we will dive into more advanced topics as I progress and learn on my journey. It is a lot different and cycling gear is critical – not just your shoes, running form, and apparel as in running…

Cycling Basics – Apparel & Equipment: The essentials for starting out

Cycling Basics – Bike Types: Know what the various types of bikes are

Cycling Basics – Books: Learn about training and maintenance


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