Offpiste Gear, an outdoor startup company, has officially launched their UltraPack 7+3 and LightPack 4 on Kickstarter in a unique carrying system that will undoubtedly transform the sports pack market. Determined to find a lightweight, multi-purpose pack that holds necessary gear while allowing complete freedom of movement on the go, the Offpiste team has meticulously designed their action packs for convenience, comfort and ultimate accessibility.


The UltraPack 7+3 radical modular design allows access to items inside without taking off the pack: un-conventional, un-usual, and un-expected! The idea was conceived last year when entrepreneur Offpiste CEO, Gil Wiener, became frustrated with the available packs for his outdoor activities. “Every time I wanted to use my GoPro or grab something out of my bag, I had to take it off. All my packs were too big, too small, or not comfortably compatible,” he says. Wiener’s longtime friend and partner, Tal Stein Tzuk, contributed years of experience in design and manufacturing of hi-tech bags for film production teams.


What sets the UltraPack 7+3 apart from others is its revolutionary modular system and triangular shape. The patent-pending design, the UltraFree system, allows one to remove, turn, and open the pack in seconds – without taking it off, and the pack stays stationary during high impact activities. The team has designed various modules to fit any outdoor activity, including the LightPack4 Pack, specific for runners or hikers with less to carry. The UltraPack 7+3 is water-resistant, fully ventilated, and compatible for a professional action camera. The packs are customizable with various colors and accessories including a 3.0L hydration system, rain cover, camera case, water bottle holder, smartphone guard and more.


Additionally, the UltraFree carrying system can be worn on either shoulder by adjusting the main strap to your selected side. Whether you are wearing it front, back, side, askew, it’s been specifically designed to be more comfortable and accessible than any other pack on the market.


We actually got to try the UltraPack and LightPack out over the weekend, running, walking, and cycling with them  in the changing Northern California weather – sunny, hot, shady, cold, windy in the 4 hours we’re out on the roads and trails.


Before the Offpiste action packs, I would have been using my Camelbak hydration daypack which I fully utilized for two straight weeks hiking and travelling in Europe last summer. The backpack is functional but there are two problem areas: breathability (hot and humid in June/July) and access. I had to take my backpack off my body to get to the camera, snacks, water bottle, etc. And carried it on one shoulder when I started sweating too much on my back. Not so with the Offpiste UltraPack and LightPack! I have complete freedom when running or cycling or walking with them. I did not have any breathability issues whatsoever and I never had to take it off my back until I finished. I wished I had the UltraPack with me last summer…



For running, the UltraFree system hugs the body better or at-par with existing low-profile backpacks but I feel that it has less bounce overall. I’m used to training with a weighted vest (anti-bounce is crucial) and having a LightPack or even UltraPack versus traditional backpacks is analogous to running in minimalist shoes versus traditional heeled-cushioned running shoes!


You may not need all the features and accessories now but it’s nice to know that they’re there when you need it later. The beauty of the UltraFree is that accessories can be added easily and quickly. Adjustments can also be made easily to accommodate user’s preferences (left or right shoulder, side or front or back or askew).


One last thing. For those doing long trail runs, the magnetic clip on the front shoulder strap will come in handy to stabilize the drinking tube from flying around as you move and remove the extra effort needed to put the drinking tube back into the pack or getting it out like in most traditional packs.


We are convinced that an asymmetrical UltraFree carrying system with triangular pack is better than existing traditional backpacks for any outings. And it has a leg up on low-profile running and biking backpacks – expandability, easy access, and loops/pouches/straps galore!

The OFFPISTE Ultra Pack and Light Pack is available at Kickstarter for next three weeks – get your early bird discounts now!

*Product provided by OFFPISTE. CMP.LY/1 Review

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