Xero Shoes has just started shipping a new sandal model this week, the Sensori Venture. The Sensori Venture is a modern upgrade of the tire sandals worn by the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. Xero Shoes has been selling do-it-yourself (DIY) barefoot sandal kits and custom-made sandals on its website for the last 3 and a half years, but Sensori Venture is the first fully assembled and ready-to-wear product in their line.


According to Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes, “You can take these off the shelf, slide them on your foot, cinch up the lacing for a perfect fit, and you’re ready to feel the freedom, the fun, and feel the world.” Product designer, and former head of global product design for Crocs, Dennis Driscoll says, “We were able to analyze over 4,000 foot tracings from our customers to create the perfect ergonomic shape for our new products.” Analysis revealed that most sandal companies place the toe post in wrong location.


The Sensori Venture is easily adjustable for a perfect fit. An adjustable tensioning system gives you better control over lacing tension than ever before (in part by using two laces instead of one). The ergonomic heel cup adds lateral stability and style. It also helps keep debris from getting under your foot. The silicone heel tube provides feather-light Achilles comfort. The outsole has a dual-chevron tread providing great traction.


The Sensori Venture can roll up and fit in your pocket, have pre-molded contours, and can be used for everything from taking a walk, to hiking, paddle boarding, working out, or running an ultra.


The Sensori Venture has a 5.25mm FeelTrue rubber outsole giving you great ground feel with protection that’ll hold up on a trail. The men’s size 9 weighs only 5.4 ounces. It can also be trimmed with a pair of kitchen scissors for a perfect fit.


Here is a video showing Steven Sashen, CEO Xero Shoes, explaining the new Sensori Venture features.

So how did Sensori Venture perform?

My pair of size 10 Sensori Venture weighs in at 6.6 ounces. The Sensori Venture is the same as the FeelTrue Connect and Contact kits with a read-to-wear design and eye-catching style. As I had mentioned in my review of the FeelTrue kit two years ago, I am not really a DIY person and was frustrated with how long it takes for me to get the barefoot sandals onto my feet. So I was really excited that I can immediately put on my pair of Sensori Venture and go on a walk and run with them.


My first run with the Sensori Venture was on the Crystal Springs Cross Country Course in Belmont, CA. It is great to exercise the thousands of nerves on my feet and sharpen my running form with these barefoot sandals since I have been testing minimalist running shoes only. They are the best alternative to running barefoot! Rather than doing one day of barefoot a week, I can wear the Xero Shoes Sensori Venture instead – much better than running on cold and freezing terrains in the winter or on the burning hot rubber track in the summer.


The super soft toe post feels really comfortable compared to the original FeelTrue Connect that we wear tested 2 years ago – it feels almost invisible. Just the improvement of the heel cup, heel tube, and toe post resulted in at least a 2X improvement in comfort and ease of running in the Sensori Venture. Top that off with the adjustable tension system and I see a barefoot sandals winner – Xero Shoes did an excellent job performance- and aesthetic-wise!


The Sensori Venture is available in 4 colorways with more becoming available in the near future depending on demand.


In a few more months, the Sensori Cloud will also be available. For those looking for a little more cushioning (maybe for walking), Xero Shoes embedded a 3mm thick EVA forefoot cushion for extra comfort (without adding padding under the heel) in an elegant design. Sensori Cloud (MSRP $49.95)  is 6mm thick and a men’s size 9 weighs 5 ounces.


The Xero Shoes Sensori Venture can be purchased (MSRP $39.95) at Xero Shoes.


*Product provided by Xero Shoes. CMP.LY/1 Review

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