Updated: 1/16/2014

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We’ve been staying in touch with Mountain from The Primal Professional and he has been keeping us abreast of the latest developments. Their first product, a conservative leather Oxford is almost here – tentatively set for launch early 2013. From the latest prototype or sample that we have in-house, the outsole is the major unfinished part. Even without a finished outsole, the shoes are super comfortable with a super wide toe box. I tested a US size 10 for my 2E+ wide feet and it has lots of space for your toes to splay. The leather is top quality and did not crease or have permanent wrinkles after I flexed the shoe uppers multiple times when putting the shoes on, taking it off, and bending them.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. Keep in mind that the outsole is unfinished and a sample run. I’m looking forward to the final production runs.

This is what the outsole looks like in the prototype from a year ago…

Outsole on prototype Dec 2011

This will supplement my favorite pair of minimalist dress shoe, the VIVOBAREFOOT Ra – my go to shoes whenever I need to wear a suit. Also shown is my Rockport truWALK Zero Wingtip.

VB Ra | Rockport truWALK Zero

This is what the current prototype looks like:

What do you think? In my opinion, there is almost no comparison – my suits are dying for them!

Pricing? Various models with MSRP between $200 and $400 for your individual budgets.

More info on The Primal Professional and Minimalist Shoe.