I normally wear reflective running jackets when running or walking in the dark or low light so moving vehicles can see me. That is only part of the solution – you have to be able to also SEE where you are going!

This is where Knuckle Lights come in. I would normally use a handheld flashlight or a head mounted light when running or walking. I just happened to be an LED flashlight geek as I walk my dogs from 2 to 3 miles nightly. I’ve owned many LED flashlights since 2009, from a single LED to 51 LEDs! But those are all concentrated in a single path (spot beam) and not like a flood light – bright straight ahead but in a narrow path.

Running with a light (handheld or strapped to your head) is also a great way to test your running form. For head mounted lights, when running with good form, the light shouldn’t be bouncing up and down or facing downward. When that happen, it is very easy to tell with a light without using video clips!

For handheld lights, when running with good form, the light should not be moving much and swinging side to side. But on long runs, your hands might also get tired.

But now I prefer Knuckle Lights for 2 main reasons: flood area and ease of carrying. There are only 4 LEDs in the unit but they are spaced evenly and in a vertical row for great coverage.

Knuckle Lights are worn on the front of your hands, in a forward position to light your path and be seen by traffic.  Each set includes 2 Knuckle Lights, one for each hand, providing 45 Lumens of double flood beams for maximum light. They secure snugly to your hands with a comfortable silicone strap, so there is no need to grip the unit, making the lights virtually unnoticeable while using.  The strap is completely adjustable to fit any hand size.

Knuckle Lights move with the natural motion of your arms, while the extra wide flood beams provide a steady, bright light that covers the entire area in front of you.

There may be a slight design flaw in the strap design. The latch or clip sometimes come off for no apparent reason. It happened to me and one of  my wear tester at least once. I have yet to figure out why when I’m just holding it and without messing around with it. It’s easy to put it back on (after you figure it out the first time) but not good when you’re running even though it may take only one minute to fix it.

One question that came to mind is, ‘Are you hands free?’. Can I carry my water bottle when running or holding on to a leash for my dog? Yes, because the strap goes on the opposite side of your palm (knuckles) if using the same hand and requires no grip hold so you’re hands-free. Or just use the opposite hand and use only one light!

Like other flash lights, they are probably water-resistant so don’t let it get too wet when running or walking in the heavy rain. Is it too pricey? Yes. But you can’t beat the functionality.

Knuckle Lights is a great alternative to a headlamp or carrying a flashlight for your next run or walk in the dark. These lights are available in many colors including Blue, Pink, Black, Yellow, and Silver.

The Knuckle Lights are currently available online and at select retailers.


*Product provided by Knuckle Lights (MSRP $39.95). CMP.LY/1 Review

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