The VIVOBAREFOOT Primus Road is VIVOBAREFOOT’s newest, lightest, and leanest movement shoe designed to put your feet in charge. The unlined upper has a barely there feeling and the super-thin sole lets your feet feel the road, letting you work on your technique. It has been a while since VIVOBAREFOOT has launched such a minimalist running shoe! And we’re glad to be able to run sockless in the Primus Road – there is no removable insole or sock liner but super comfortable nonetheless!


Built for the road, tailored for speed; the Primus Road puts your feet in charge. The super-lightweight, breathable construction, with ultra-thin, flexible sole allows your feet to feel the ground, to connect with the run, leaving nothing in the way of you and the road.


A lightweight breathable mesh uppers and 3mm road sole (flexible, soft and wet/dry slip resistant) with laces is all there is to this ultra-minimal shoe. Only the VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra II is more minimal than the Primus Road. The stack height measured with my digital calipers is under 5mm – WOW!


Don’t let the model name fool you. Designed for the road but perfect also for packed dirt, gravel, grass, and more. Except for gnarly trails… I ran on the high school and college cross country trail and it gave the thousands of nerves on my foot a workout – I used to run barefoot or in my Xero Shoes a couple times a month to sharpen my nerves but the Primus Road will do. Traction is great on both uphills and downhills even in slightly muddy trails (a few days after a heavy rainstorm here).


Running on asphalt and concrete, FEEL the ground and sharpen your PROPRIOCEPTION – less than 5mm between your feet and the ground! The uppers are super-breathable – more like a thin web netting! The finished footbed is smooth and comfortable for sockless wear. The Primus Road is a true minimalist running shoe – most models available on the market worldwide are lightly cushioned. You could probably add a removable sock liner from your other VIVOBAREFOOT shoe for added padding if needed.


Notice that I like to wear my shoes loose on training runs. For racing or speed work on the track, you can use the lace lock. Note that the eyelets on the Primus Road are super grippy – the laces won’t slide easily and is the first time I’ve seen this on VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. You can also double knot for added security.


There is also a trail version, the Primus Trail if it makes you nervous running with the road version on trails. It has the same outsole as the VB Trail Freak. Availability is anytime now! Please check the VIVOBAREFOOT online shop for the latest.


The Primus Road is now available at online at VIVOBAREFOOT in three colorways for men and four colorways for women. If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, remember to use the VB coupon code for 15% OFF your total purchase! Check your emails or visit the WTGR newsletter archive.


Get out there and free your feet with the Primus Road or Primus Trail. Run free!