VIVOBAREFOOT Shoe Guide for the Natural Runner

Not sure about what models to get from Vivobarefoot vast collection of natural running shoes? It used to be just Road versus Trail but with more Casual and Dress shoes for the natural (minimalist) runner, the selection from Vivobarefoot has become a one-stop shopping portal!

Use this Vivobarefoot shoe guide when looking for your next purchase. This is created strictly based on statistics from all Wear Tested Gear Review and Natural Running Center reader purchases from Vivobarefoot USA online. So like-minded natural runners like yourself will most likely have similar buying habits. The top sellers are based on the units sold by Vivobarefoot in the USA for 2017 (year to date, Sep 24, 2017).

Note that the Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 is a very versatile and top seller by a mile. Use it for running on any terrain, travel, beach, water sports, etc. It outsold at least 5 to 1 versus any other VB  model.

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1. Ultra 3

2. Primus Lite

3. Stealth II

4. Motus

1. Ultra 3

2. Primus Trail

3. Scott

4. Hiker

5. Tracker

1. Ra II

2. Gobi II

3. Rif Leather

4. Mata

5. Motus

1. Ra II

2. Lisbon

3. Porto Rocker

1. Jing Jing

2. Opanka

3. Wing

4. Elina