Over the past few years, Newton Running has earned itself a strong following among runners who pursue running efficiency and injury prevention. With the Newton ENERGYNR, the company seeks to bring even more runners into the fold with a brand-new design that showcases its key design principles in a more accessible package.


This model features lower-profile forefoot lugs to ease the transition from more traditional footwear. It is also priced lower than other Newton models, making it more affordable to give the brand a try.


Designed to meet the needs of runners who want to experience the unique technology platform and ride found only in Newton running shoes, the ENERGYNR facilitates a seamless transition from more conventional running shoe brands into the Newton line. This will help expand the Newton experience to a broader group of runner – similar features and ride but in a more conventional package.


Runners who are new to the brand and as well as loyal Newtonites will enjoy the lightweight and responsive ride that the ENERGYNR offers. The streamlined design (Action/Reaction) is similar to the Newton MV2 with five low profile forefoot lugs to provide impact-zone cushioning and a smooth stable ride.


The upper is made of a breathable air mesh with minimal support strapping. It also has a reflective back tab. The midsole consist of a high rebound EVA with a second generation Action/Reaction technology in the forefoot.


The outsole consists of a high-traction 5-lug forefoot pattern with high-density rubber in the heel and toe area. The midfoot pod is made of highly cushioned blown rubber.


So how did the Newton Running ENERGYNR perform?

My pair of Newton ENERGYNR (US Men’s 10.5) weighs in at 9.6 ounces and has a measured stack height of 30mm. The heel-to-toe differential or drop is 6mm. Obviously I preferred something closer to zero drop but the Newton ENERGYNR running shoe is for those moving over from traditional running shoes or owning their first pair of Newton.


Running in the Newton ENERGYNR on asphalt/concrete and rubber track, the shoe feels a lot more cushiony than I am used to so this is good for transitioning runners or those doing longer runs (more than 10K). I did not have a problem walking or running in them as I used to with other Newton models because of the higher profile forefoot lugs. The lower profile lugs in the ENERGYNR is the major feature making this shoe easier to adapt to for all runners. My bet is that once a runner tries out the Newton ENERGYNR, they will be sold.


The Newton ENERGYNR is not just a road shoe. I took it out on the trails and have no problems with traction or running on mixed terrains. Even though this is a cushioned shoe for transitioning runners, I still enjoyed running in them on trails.


If you have never tried on a pair of Newton Running shoes, the Newton ENERGYNR is a great starting model. If you had problems with previous Newton models because of the pronounced forefoot lugs, the lower profile of the Newton ENERGYNR forefoot will ease you in without much difficulty. The ENERGYNR is definitely a bridging or transitioning shoe for those getting into natural running and the barefoot-style of running in minimal shoes.


The new Newton Running ENERGYNR is available in two colorways for both men and women.


The Newton Running ENERGYNR is available for purchase (MSRP $119) at: Newton and Zappos

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