Almost every athlete and especially runners have heard of or used ‘The Stick’ for relieving and reducing muscle soreness and stiffness pain. But there is something else out there that does more and is even more effective. Enter the 360 Massager from Moji – Dynamic Massage for Athletic Recovery. The Moji 360 Massager Kit consists of the Moji 360 Massager and Moji 360 Mini Massager.

Here’s a quick video of the Moji 360 Massager in action:

The Moji name emotes a sense of motion and positive energy – their mission of keeping people active.

Moji 360 Massager

The Moji 360 Massager’s unique shape and Tri-Zone technology, different steel spheres or metal balls and arrays allow for varied intensity depending on which zone you choose to use. Moji 360 Massager is easy to use and requires no crazy body contortions.

The Omni-directional spheres break up webs of scar tissue and mimic a therapist’s strokes thus making it more effective and less painful than static pressure.

The contoured arc of the Moji 360 Massager allows it to contour to the athlete’s body with human hand precision.

Moji 360 Mini Massager

The Moji 360 Mini Massager is a powerful massager available in the palm of your hand. At just 6″ X 3″ and flexible, it can fit in a purse, pocket or fuel belt. The Moji 360 Mini Massager lets athletes get Moji’s omni-directional technology delivered with the precision of the human hand.  The natural flex provides perfect contact on larger body planes and incredible wrapping massage for smaller body parts.

So did the Moji 360 Massager perform better than The Stick?

Unequivocally yes! I incorporate a lot of vertical jumps and sprint work in my training on the track (my events are Triple Jump and 400m) and by pushing off the balls of my feet, my calf muscles are engaged a lot more with a bigger force than in long runs where I casually lift my legs instead of pushing. Of course, I’m prone to crams in the calf when I get tired. And I pulled a calf muscle a few days before I received the Moji 360 Massager.

Enter ‘The Stick’ and my foam roller after icing and heat therapy. It relieves the calf muscles but just not enough to get a deeper massage. Enter the Moji 360 Massager. The Moji 360 Massager allows you to use a circular motion to break up scar tissue as opposed to the back-and-forth motion using ‘The Stick’. Here is where I can get a deep massage. You have to engage with the bigger steel balls for a deep massage. But don’t overdo it or you will get an embarrassing bruise you might have to explain to your significant other…

No need to visit a therapist or massager – you can do it yourself or have someone else do it for you at the privacy of your own home. I concluded (un-scientifically) that because of the deeper massages, my calf muscles recovered faster than if I just used ‘The Stick’. Besides a faster recovery, the Moji 360 Massager and 360 Mini Massager works very well for shin pains – I get this frequently when walking at a very fast pace on trails while hiking. ‘The Stick’ does not do much at all in this situation with only gentle massages on the shin area.

Bottom line, I’m sold on the Moji 360 Massager for all my muscle soreness!

The Moji 360 Massager and Moji 360 Mini Massager can be used on virtually every body part.  They recommend watching Moji videos on how to use the Moji 360 Massage products on yourself or others. I’ve also been using the Moji 360 Mini Massager on my shoulder girdle, shin, and arch to supplement and variations from the Moji 360 Massager.

Case in point: shoulder blades soreness from doing pull-ups (not chin-ups) and push-ups. The 360 Mini Massager works great for relieving pain. And you control the amount of pressure yourself!

There are also lots of videos available from the Moji team on YouTube that you can explore for advanced uses of the 360 Massager including how to relieve lower back muscle pain, shin splint pain, and plantar fasciitis pain.

So goodbye ‘The Stick’, hello ‘Moji 360’!


The Moji 360 Massager Kit is available for purchase at: Road Runner Sports, REI, and Moji. The Moji 360 Massager and Moji 360 Mini Massager are also available separately.

*Product provided by Moji (MSRP $70.00). CMP.LY/1 Review

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