PulseOn, a Finnish company with talents from Nokia, today launched their IndieGoGo campaign to raise $150,000 for production delivery of their wrist-based optical heart rate monitor in September. I have been watching PulseOn for a few months as they have similar technology to Mio LINK and Mio ALPHA so I’m naturally curious. But what sets PulseOn apart is their plan to make heart rate monitoring easy and as accurate as possible.

PulseOn’s proprietary optical heart rate sensor technology is based on their innovation for multi-wavelength measurement. Combined with their highly sophisticated algorithms to extract and analyze heart rate in a wide range of conditions, PulseOn monitors your heart rate continuously during your training events but also beyond. With wireless connectivity to mobile applications, they transform the heart rate data into meaningful feedback on your training, making it truly personalized. PulseOn tells you what your heart rate really means.


The innovation for an accurate and reliable optical heart rate sensor to be worn on the wrist took place years ago within Nokia and resulted in a spin-off in November 2012 when PulseOn was founded by their five key team members with world-class expertise in all functional areas to be able to make their vision of the world’s easiest heart rate monitoring reality. Since then, theirgrowing team of experts in sensor technology, physiology, algorithms and mobile technology have been working hard to bring their innovation to market which is now only inches away! PulseOn has been designed and developed in Finland where their team of 13 people are now beyond excited to finally see the vision become reality.


PulseOn is offered in two colors: Cloud and Coal. With easily changeable straps, available in their webstore upon first PulseOn deliveries, you can also personalize your device with additional colors. First additional colors available are the energetic Acid and modern Midnight with the introduction of new seasonal colors based on your feedback. The straps also come in two different sizes, for smaller and larger wrists with both sizes included in your PulseOn device package to find the perfect fit for you.


Pledge now and save $30 on your wrist-based optical heart rate monitor at PulseOn’s IndieGoGo campaign!