Topo Athletic today announced that they have sponsored ACU (Assess, Correct, Unify) Running, a FREE training program that helps runners rebuild their stride from the ground up. The experts behind ACU-Running reverse engineered the running stride down to its biomechanical components so that a runner can first master the underlying movement patterns that serve as the building blocks of good form.

In the past, access to the ACU-Running program was limited to an exclusive network of elite/professional runners, including Olympians. Starting today, runners of all skill levels have the opportunity, via ACU-Running videos, to self-assess the root causes behind their form failures and address them using a customized training road map consisting of corrective mobility and stability exercises. It’s not just your shoes, it’s also your running form. Their job is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to be the best, healthiest version of yourself. ACU-Running looks at the underlying movement patterns that serve as the building blocks of form.  Through a series of videos,  ACU-Running will teach you how to self-analyze your underlying mobility and stability imbalances, and then show you how to correct these imbalances and apply it back into the running form.

“The root causes behind our running-form failures – what ACU-Mobility refers to as ‘pre-stride mechanics’ – are mysteries that we too often try to solve with footwear,” said Tony Post, founder and CEO of Topo Athletic. “We sponsored ACU-Running because we want the running community to have access to resources that can help solve these ‘biomechanical mysteries’ so runners can stay injury-free, achieve new goals and keep running.”

Step 1: Assess

In Step 1, understand and correct your mobility and stability issues. Mobility assessments analyze your range of motion, while the stability assessments measure your strength and stability while in different positions.


Once identified, go to the next step (Correct) to find and follow the corresponding Mobility and Stability correction videos.

Step 2: Correct

In Step 2, get step-by-step explanation of corrective exercises designed to address the failures identified previously.


Once you pass all mobility and stability assessments, go to the last step (Unify), which will help you incorporate these new skills into your running form.

Step 3: Unify

In the final Step 3, it’s time to incorporate your new muscle patterning back into your running form.  Running cues are designed to increase awareness of proper body position and encourage correct kinematic sequencing. Follow the final video for running prompts to aid your running stride.

Visit Topo Athletic’s ACU – Assess, Correct, Unify training videos now.

Good luck and run healthy!