Just in time to help you with your holiday shopping, here is our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide including the complete list of our top 5 minimalist shoes for the four categories we have wear tested for 2013. Obviously, new models (Fall/Winter ’13) are already hitting the market and we will get to those later this year. Also, the next generation models are launching in Jan/Feb ’14 (Spring/Summer ’14) and we will be covering them at the Running Event in December at Austin, Texas. So many shoes, so many choices. But just focus on the ones that we have picked and you won’t regret spending money on shoes that you end up returning or donating…


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If you are only interested in minimalist shoes, you can also read about them and see the image gallery…

terrain-roadTop 5 Minimalist Road Shoes

  • Altra ONE
  • Mizuno Wave EVO Levitas
  • Newton MV3
  • Puma FAAS 100 R

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Top 5 Minimalist Casual/Dress Shoesterrain-walking

  • LEMs Shoes Nine2Five
  • LEMs Shoes Mariner
  • Primal Professional FER

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Top 5 Minimalist Trail Shoesterrain-trail

  • Merrell Ascend Glove
  • Mizuno Wave EVO Ferus
  • Puma FAAS 100 TR
  • Skechers GObionic Trail

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Top 5 Minimalist Racing Shoesterrain-racing

  • Merrell Vapor Glove
  • Mizuno Wave Universe 5
  • New Balance RC5000
  • Topo Athletic RR

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