Salming, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with US operations in Raleigh, NC, while new to the US running market, has delivered two surprisingly great models of natural running shoes to runners: Salming Xplore and Salming Race.


Salming Xplore

Heel-to-Toe Drop: 3mm

Every runner benefits from strong feet! When using the Salming Xplore natural running shoe you effectively train the muscular structures of your feet while looking really good doing so.


The barefoot-like flexibility in the forefoot goes extremely well with the slightly more fixed back area and a flawless design. Along with the 3 mm heel to toe drop, this results in a super versatile lightweight trainer – equally good for a run in the park, maximizing your crossfit-workout, or when you feel like making a fashion statement in the office or at your local coffee shop.


Salming Race

Heel-to-Toe Drop: 5mm

Set a PR or personal best on race day with the Salming Race natural running shoe. The quick and responsive Torsion Efficiency Unit made of carbon, combined with the Run Lite midsole serves you the very best abilities to give it your all in both short and long distance races. It will get the most out of your preparations and really allows your biomechanical mechanism to function at its best.


The Exo Skeleton design stabilizes the foot in lateral movements and relieves pressure at the MTP joints (metatarso phalangeal joints). This part of the design construction eliminates friction and reduces the impact of the side forces in the soft parts of the foot, especially underneath the forefoot.


The Torsion Efficiency Unit brings sturdiness to the shoe. It is appropriately placed to generate maximal running efficiency. The Race model is powered by a lightweight carbon fiber torsion unit.

Features a 2 layer upper construction which adds durable abilities while keeping the weight at a minimum. This results in extremely breathable characteristics and a quick, responsive feel to the running experience.

Salming Xplore & Salming Race Summary


Out of the box, these shoes reminded me of the road shoes from British fell and crossfit shoe company, Inov-8. They both look like they have narrow toe boxes, thin midsole, outsole, and soft uppers. But the major difference is that Salming Race and Xplore performed differently. Running sockless, the toe boxes never felt tight or narrow, they are super lightweight, soft, flexible, and natural to run in.

For racing or speed work, the Salming Race is a welcomed addition. It works well on both asphalt and the rubber track. For trail or long runs on asphalt or track, the Salming Xplore is awesome. The lower drop and mild cushioning is great for those not ready for minimalist shoes. Also great for gym use especially boot camp and cross fit.


But what makes Salming Xplore my favorite model is for walking. The walking gait is different than running and the mild cushioning especially on the heel area makes it extra comfortable. I walk between 2 to 3 miles nightly with my two dogs and have been wearing the Salming Xplore for the past two months in them.


The Salming Xplore and Salming Race are both available in a single colorway for men and women and available for purchase at Salming USA.


*Product provided by Salming. CMP.LY/1 Review

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