Garage Clean Up Sale


In previous years, I’ve donated all my shoes to friends, Two Rivers Treads (used & new shoe giveaways in West Virginia), and finally to Goodwill. But Goodwill buyers will not be able to appreciate these unique minimalist shoes as much as WTGR and NRC readers.

USA Only. All prices includes shipping within the U.S via USPS *PRIORITY MAIL* (allow 2-3 days for processing; $15 to $20 value). Priced each pair individually – if you want to buy more than one pair, drop me an email (info @ and I can throw in a discount (via a partial refund through PayPal).

The condition of the shoes varies from BRAND NEW to LIGHTLY USED and are being sold “as is” or as depicted in the photos. No boxes for any of them.


If the shoe you get doesn’t fit, you can try reselling it on eBay or donate it or give it to a friend.

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Successful PayPal time stamp determines final buyer.

I will refund via PayPal if the model you’ve selected has already been sold to more than one buyer (PayPal checkout has a lag).

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