Would you pay $99 to prevent potential running injuries? A good pair of minimalist running shoes may still cause running injuries if you have bad running form. Heapsylon recently launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for wearable technology, the Sensoria Fitness smart socks for runners. Sensoria fitness socks for runners track typical metrics like steps, calories, speed, distance, but what is unique is that it can also track how fast they run, where they land on their feet, and how they stride. This provides self-diagnosing information to the runner on how to reach goals and most importantly, how to potentially prevent injuries.


Sensoria socks are powered by proprietary textile sensors and a Bluetooth-enabled, detachable anklet, which enables it to deliver superior accuracy compared to other fitness trackers on the market today.

Developed by Redmond-based start-up Heapsylon, the company has launched an $87,000 crowd funding IndieGoGo campaign on June 20 to complete product development and manufacturing. During the IndieGoGo campaign, the first 200 supporters will be able to pledge and get Sensoria Fitness at the discounted price of $99, with subsequent price increases as the rounds progress. Note that almost half of these units are already claimed.

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