Do you know what the best selling models are from Altra Zero Drop? Here is the list of the top selling shoes on


Current Top Sellers

  1. Lone Peak 2.5
  2. One 2.5
  3. Paradigm 1.5
  4. Provision 2.0
  5. Torin 2.0
  6. Instinct 3.0


Top Selling Clearance Items

  1. Intuition 2.0
  2. Instinct 2.0
  3. The Repetition
  4. Lone Peak 2.0

You might also want to check out the new Lone Peak Neoshell – the first shoe with a waterproof exoskeleton. Made of a revolutionary fabric that’s waterproof on the outside yet breathable from the inside…


The Torin 2.0 and Lone Peak 2.5 are both currently in our wear test pipeline so expect a full review soon.