We have reviewed the Newton P.O.P 1 platform featuring the Newton Gravity III and Newton Distance III models about 6 months ago here. The P.O.P 1 platform is good for long distance training and high intensity workouts and races with a ride that is lightweight and power packed. It is also designed to amplify efficient running with a super dynamic feel. The P.O.P 2 platform is good for everyday training and racing, an all around go-to shoe with a ride that is versatile and balanced. The P.O.P 2 five lugs are beveled and articulated for a more relaxed ride compared to the P.O.P 1 lugs that are more rigid and responsive. All the P.O.P 2 models have a 4.5mm heel-to-toe drop.


In this post, we wear tested the men’s Newton Fate and women’s Newton Kismet models.

Newton Fate


The Newton Fate is a neutral trainer (MSRP $129) that is the go-to shoe for neutral runners who want the classic ‘Newton pop’ with a smooth transition on their P.O.P 2 platform. Responsive yet soft, this is Newton’s entry into open-chamber Action/Reaction technology.


The uppers consist of a seamless engineered mesh with 360 degree reflectivity. And the bright eye-catching neon colors you come to expect from Newton – you won’t be disappointed.

Newton Kismet


The Newton Kismet is a stability trainer (MSRP $129) that is the go-to shoe for a runner needing the extra bit of functional stability found in their broad and stable EMB (Extended Medial Bridge) platform. Responsive, comfortable and stable, this shoe is also Newton’s entry into our open-chamber Action/Reaction technology.


Just like the Fate, the uppers consist of a seamless engineered mesh with 360 degree reflectivity and bright eye-catching neon colors.

So how did the Newton Fate and Kismet perform?


My pair (US Size 10.5) of Fate weighs in at 9.6 ounces, has a 4.5mm drop, and stack height of about 22mm at midfoot (assuming lugs are flat on foot strike) – a little heavier (more than an ounce) than some trainers and more cushioning than most of my shoes. The toe box width is about the same as the P.O.P 1 models, Distance III and Gravity III so you never feel your toes constricted – let it splay naturally.


The major difference between the Fate and Kismet is the Extended Medial Bridge located in the shoe arch and with additional materials – higher durability rubber at the medial (inside) arch and heel. You will also notice additional seamless reinforcement in the uppers for the Kismet.

I did not notice the additional 2.5mm drop when compared to the Distance III or Gravity III 2mm drop. Personally, as I have written before, any heel-to-toe drop of 4mm or less has no impact on my running form or gait. Same for the Newton P.O.P 2 platform. There is more cushioning in the Fate and Kismet, both welcomed additions for those transitioning or requiring a little help on those recovery days when your legs are tired. Always rotate between different type of shoes, cushioning, and terrains to work different muscles. This way, you can minimize running injuries. Crossfit or boot camp or P90X exercises and cycling are the other cross training activities I do to strengthen and workout my core and body. Swimming is next…


My wear tester Claire tested the Newton Kismet – she normally runs in zero drop minimalist shoes with light cushioning. The Kismet is a little bulky for her but when running in asphalt and concrete, she actually welcome the extra cushioning as she is used to cross-country trail running – rotate shoes and terrains! But if she is to race in a road or cross country meet, she prefers a lighter, less cushioned shoe with no stability restriction to her natural running form.

These Newton P.O.P 2 models are entry level shoes for those looking forward to trying out the Newton P.O.P platform while transitioning from traditional 8mm to 12mm heeled running shoes. They will feel comfortable in these models in additional to any of the Newton P.O.P 3 platform models, the AHA and Energy NR. But they have the same high-quality material, design, and manufacturing you’ve come to expect from Newton Running. Again, unfortunately, they might have to lower their prices a bit to make it more affordable – USD $99 is probably the magic price point.

The Newton Fate is currently available in a single colorway for men and for women:

newton-fate-women newton-fate-men

The Newton Kismet is also currently available in a single colorway for men and for women:

newton-kismet-men newton-kismet-women

The Newton Fate and Kismet are now available for purchase at: Zappos


*Product provided by Newton. CMP.LY/1 Review

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