After over 5 years of wearing and exclusively testing over 300 pairs of minimalist shoes (road running, trail running, casual, gym, dress), here are our absolute top 3 favorites for road, trail, and business casual. I’ve been loading up on these models as they go on sale or being discontinued. I wish they would keep some of these models around longer than 2 to 3 years…


And my favorite all time minimalist shoe (same for my female wear tester): Topo Athletic ST. No question, the lightest, best fitting, and fastest shoe that I use for speed work (track), road, and trails! I even have a pair outfitted with a BOA closure 🙂

NOTE: New models that we are still wear testing for 2015 may displace the top 3 from our current list…

Road Minimalist Shoes

Trail Minimalist Shoes

Business Casual Minimalist Shoes

Sustainable Injury-Free Running

But for sustainable injury-free running, our rule is always MIX IT UP. This goes for both different levels of cushioning in shoes and the type of activities (running, cycling, cross-fit, and track & field) you participate in. Try different shoes and always cross train.

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