Announcing our new ‘Cycling for Runners‘ section! As runners, most of us never cross train. But over the past 4 years, I’ve been active in both road & trail running but also focusing on competitive track & field. To work different muscles and minimizing any form of injury, I’m strengthening my core with boot camp exercises, P90X, and added cycling to my regimen. I’ve also sought the wisdom of a semi-elite cyclist, Stanley T, and two Ironman, Bill K and Tom Y. They have given me invaluable advice on equipment, apparel, and cycling basics in addition to loaning the equipment to get started. Swimming is next.

Gear reviews related to running and cycling will follow. For more information, please visit these pages:

Cycling Basics – Intro & Reviews

Cycling Basics – Apparel & Equipment

Cycling Basics – Bike Types

Cycling Basics – Cycling Books