If you are like most multi-sport athletes, you are likely the owner of a jump rope, stretch bands, quick ladder, quick hurdles, etc. Enter HumanX Gear for functional training like boot camp exercises and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programs. HumanX Gear emphasis is on training your body to function better in your daily life.


The HumanX Gear Stretch & Jump Rope is part of their conditioning tools collection and feature a simple but multi-functional ten foot premium woven rope. This heavy duty rope resists abrasion and yet still maintain its shape after heavy usage.


It can function as an agility tool by laying it out as a ladder on the ground. It can also function as a jumping and cardio tool with it being used as a speed jumping rope. It can also function as a stretch tool by its adjustable length and rigidity.

So how did the HumanX Gear Stretch & Jump Rope performed?

At first glance, it looks like a basic rope. But the similarity ends there. The Jump & Stretch Rope is far more dense than the average jump rope, making it easier to manage while jumping. I own many jump ropes including a professional weighted leather jump rope and I can honestly say that the Stretch & Jump Rope is just as effective for my training and even easier to pack for travels.


Because of its durability and inherent rigidity, the Stretch & Jump Rope makes it a valuable tool in stretching. The premium woven rope maintains its overall length and shape, and provides optimum resistance in warm-up and recovery routines for the upper and lower body. The Stretch & Jump Rope is an aid to stretch safely and effectively. And guess what, it also replaced my rubber stretch bands. Actually, my rubber stretch bands are not that effective in stretching my glutes as it is not rigid enough.


The HumanX Gear Stretch & Jump Rope is available in a single color (green) and can be purchased online at: Amazon and HumanX.


*Product provided by HumanX. CMP.LY/1 Review

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