Over a year ago, many of my readers asked for a zero drop tennis, squash, basketball, parkour, urban running, road running, gym, or travel shoe. Now VIVOBAREFOOT has started to deliver one, the MOTUS. They are taking pre-orders now and will ship around May 19.


With its resilient rubber toe guard, VB Motus protects your feet through every twist, turn and pivot of your game – move freely, move naturally; move with conviction.


The super strong, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole lets you move quickly and precisely through high energy court games.


The V-lock system is the VB Motus’ pivot point, allowing for agile movement in the rear and mid-foot. The tough plastic fastening system moves as you move, letting the V-strap do its job; keeping a firm hold on your mid-foot, enabling natural, nimble lateral swing.


The specially engineered material adapts to thermal changes, absorbs excess heat and reduces perspiration, keeping your feet at optimum temperature through high energy court games and urban adventure.

Order your pair of VIVOBAREFOOT MOTUS now. I’m looking forward to my test pair in the next few weeks.