The all-new Altra Impulse is the first stability shoe from Altra Running we have tested. With the Altra Impulse, lightweight and stability go hand in hand. It’s Altra’s lightest stability shoe to date and combines Innerflex™ and StabiliPod™ technologies to give you flexible stability where you need it. The friction-free, lightweight upper and FootShape™ toe box keep your feet comfortable across long distance runs. The fully cushioned Zero Drop™ platform encourages a more natural, low-impact foot strike and features a lightweight, responsive A-Bound™/EVA blend.


This StabiliPod™ innovative midsole technology acts as a stabilizing tripod by enhancing the three natural stability zones in your foot to help prevent excessive foot collapse or pronation. Go fast, stay stable and run better with the new Altra Impulse.


Review Summary

We love Altra Running shoes that have minimal cushioning. But we have never tested one with stability technology. The Altra Impulse felt good the second you put it on. The fit is natural and the lacing system reminds us of one found on Skora Running shoes but a variation – an asymmetric design that reduces pressures on the top of the foot. And the only model in the Altra collection that is asymmetric. The fit is snugger than other Altra model – closer to performance fit found in other shoe manufacturers. You might want to size up a half size if you like loose fitting shoes.


The closest Altra model is the Instinct 3 in terms of weight and stack height – decent weight and low to the ground. The look is deceptive just like some Hoka models.


Unique to the Altra Impulse are drain holes for those getting liquids on the shoes for long runs during the summer – splash on and cool down and you will not be slowed down with heavy soakage! You can see the drain path in the image below – insole removed.


Not a single hot spot or blisters running sockless, ample space in the toe box, and lightweight for a stability shoe! However, it is slightly firmer (flexibility) than the Altra ONE 2.5 or Altra Instinct 3 or Altra Superior 2. Because of the performance fit, doing speed work with the Impulse is a breeze. Even running on a rubber track, you won’t feel the cushioning but you’ll get the extra lift off from the transition. For road races (asphalt, concrete), the Impulse is a welcomed addition especially for long distances (marathons and triathlons) in hot and humid weather.

altra-impulse-colorways-women altra-impulse-colorways-men

The new Altra Impulse is now shipping. A version (code name Halo) with an embedded razor-thin sensor that’s built into the midsole of the shoe allowing runners to get feedback in real time on foot strike zone, cadence, ground force impact, etc. will be available just in time for the 2015 holiday season.

The Altra Impulse is available in two colorways for both men and women and available for purchase at Altra and Zappos.

*Product provided by Altra Zero Drop. CMP.LY/1 Review

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