Airo Health has just introduced their flagship wearable health monitor, the AIRO Wristband, a next-generation device that uses spectroscopy to automatically monitor caloric consumption, stress, exercise and sleep quality.

In the current world of activity trackers, the AIRO wristband stands as a beacon for what is truly possible at the intersection of wearable technology and mobile health. AIRO is the first device that gives users a well-rounded view of their health.


“We built AIRO to help people become more proactive about their health. By aggregating data around the four pillars of health, AIRO notices patterns in your behavior and tells you what you can do, each day, to live a healthier life,” explains Abhilash Jayakumar, co-founder and CEO of Airo Health. “We’re excited about giving people the ability to take control of their health in a way that has never before been possible.”


Nutrition: Nutrition is monitored using different wavelengths of light to look into the blood stream and detect metabolites as they are released while and after you eat. This allows AIRO to measure caloric intake and even the quality of meals consumed, providing recommendations on ways to improve nutrition.

Stress: AIRO utilizes heart rate variability (HRV) to monitor micro-fluctuations in stress throughout the day. With this information, AIRO not only notifies users when their stress level crosses a personal threshold; but also recommends steps to help them recover.

Exercise: Unlike other devices that track steps, AIRO monitors daily exertion through heart rate and caloric burn. AIRO then uses these metrics to detect how intense the activity has been and even checks to see how the body has recovered from activity over the course of the next few days.

Sleep: With a device like AIRO, sleep is monitored by looking at the autonomic nervous system to notice distinct sleep cycles. It recognizes when the body is in deep sleep, light sleep or REM sleep and can calculate how much of a user’s night was restorative.

I’ve been wear testing various activity and fitness trackers that are geared towards runners and athletes but also those for the general masses (Health 2.0). Wearing these devices 24/7, I hope to quantifying everything in my life and improve on my general health and performance in track & field, running, and other competitive sports. Specifically, AIRO covers nutrition and stress, two areas that are not found in a lot of other health monitors besides Zensorium Tinke and HeartMath Inner Balance. Nutrition is one area that is a pain to quantify and I look forward to the AIRO for tackling this task!

AIRO is now available for pre-order at the launch price of $149 (regularly $199), and will ship in Fall 2014. To find out more information, or to reserve yours, visit